Til Ke Ladoo | Sesame Seed Balls

This is my ultimate favorite ladoos, if there is such a thing! I just love this delicacy, especially more so that this is a seasonal sweet & is not available in the market or made at home during hot summer month. Sesame seeds have property of being hot food as per Ayurveda & is usually eaten only in winter months. So this makes for a perfect sweet for Makarsankrant festival.

Til ke Ladoo
Til ke Ladoo

I actually made these in January only but life has been bit hectic with my little one giving me a tough time with day time sleep, so which hardly leaves me with any time to post & make during day. I’m using scheduling a lot. What to do life & blog has to go on! 🙂

Til ke Ladoo
Til ke Ladoo

Til ke Ladoo

Ingredients –

  • 1 Cup – Sesame Seeds
  • 1 Cup – Khoya/ Mawa
  • 1 3/4 Cup – Castor Sugar (Bura)

Method –

  1. Wash the sesame seeds using a fine mesh colander/ strainer very thoroughly. This step is important as sesame seeds contain lot of fine dirt.
  2. Spread the washed seeds on a fine muslin cloth in thin layer. Allow it to dry for 2-3 days.
  3. When the seeds are completely dry or just very barely moist, dry roast them in a thick bottom pan or wok. It should start emitting nice roasted aroma. Remove from pan and keep aside.
  4. Using the same pan, dry roast the khoya, till it is nice golden in color. Switch off the flame. Allow the khoya to cool down.
  5. Meanwhile, using a grinder, grind the sesame seeds into fine powder.
  6. When it is just lukewarm quickly add in ground seeds & sugar. Mix well.
  7. Roll small balls using hands. Serve with tea or coffee or as a dessert after dinner.

Sending this to What’s with my Cuppa currently hosted by Chef Mireille, orginally started by Nupur & Pinterest Power Party


3 thoughts on “Til Ke Ladoo | Sesame Seed Balls

  1. I had to google again 🙂 This is becoming embarrassing 🙂 So, Koya is something like cheese? This balls are cheesy and sweet and kind of taste like tahini? 🙂 I like it.
    Scheduling is a good thing, and your little one is far more important than the blog, but I understand how eager to cook and take photos and write recipes you must be :))

  2. ha haha Jasmina. Koya is made by evaporating milk on slow fire for hours. Google happens with me too, I do not know what is tahini, but from what I read I dont think they would taste same. But yes they both are made from sesame seeds. I hope to make you google some more and really appreciate your efforts in understanding my recipes. Thanks so much.

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